Saturday, March 10, 2012

Decoupage - Gourds

I am getting ready for a Garage Sale that I am participating this March 24th at my favorite store Scrapbooking Made Simple. Going over my craft stuff is hard, especially when most of the items I seem to wanna keep. I had to convince myself that the items I will be able to sell during the garage sale will give me new stuff. So I am able to fill up 2 boxes with items just collecting dusts. I hope it will find a new home that will put them to use. Another thing that I liked about going over my stuff is that I find items that has been on my todo projects in years but never did anything with them. For example the small gourds that I bought years ago at a gourd farm that my friend took me to. I started working on them yesterday. I love how they turned out.

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