Friday, May 18, 2012

Tip of the Month

Hello everyone, I am probably the worst blogger online because I hardly do blog. Here's what I am gonna try to do is to blog at least once a month with a tip on cardmaking, scrapbooking or any other paper crafts I am on the current month, it maybe my own idea or others which I will give credit to whoever I got the idea from. This month I have the pleasure again on making stuff for a friend's wedding. One of them is confetti, which I made from the scraps from the other projects I made for the wedding. Punching so many times can be uncomfortable on most paper punches. I found a way to make it a little comfortable for me by adding adhesive foam to the paper punch. I was able to do this to the mini punches by Recollections and the Marvy Uchida punches that I have. Won't you agree that most of us punches with the puncher upside down.
All you need is a sheet of foam with adhesive. I happen to have some scraps from my previous projects.
Cut a piece of the foam and slightly pressed the foam to bottom of the punch so that it will leave an impression.
Do the impression of the foam twice you will need two so it will be thick enough for better comfort. Cut the foam out first cut inside the impression line and the second cut outside of the impression line.
Peel and stick the foam to the bottom of the paper punch.
Now much better...
This will work on any sizes of paper punches that has the same shape, Recollections and Marvy Uchida.

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